The Rise of CBD Cosmetics

Last century, cannabis was outlawed across much of the world. With its prohibition, with the widespread criminalization of the plant, we lost so much time that could and should have been used studying it and enjoying what it has to offer.

CBD is one of those things.

The promise of CBD, in particular, is a major reason the world at large is realizing that cannabis is so special.

It’s also disrupting—and improving—countless industries. Today, we’re looking at cosmetics.

The CBD Cosmetics Market

In 2018, the U.S. Senate passed the Farm Bill. One thing the bill did was remove hemp from the definition of “marijuana”, meaning hemp was no longer considered to be under the Controlled Substances Act.

Hemp was now legal. And CBD took off. Quick.

That year, the global CBD skin care market was valued at $234.1 million (all figures USD), already a sizable sum. But according to Grand View Research, that number is set to reach $1.7 billion by 2025, a compound annual growth rate of 32.9%.

What these numbers tell us is that CBD is not just a fad, something that will burn bright but burn out. According to these predictions, CBD-infused cosmetic products are here to stay.

Why CBD Cosmetics?

Consumers all over the globe are demanding CBD cosmetics. This begs the question “Why?” What is it about CBD that makes these products so alluring?

The first and most obvious answer is that CBD is all natural.

Look at the ingredients in any traditional skin cream and you’re likely to see things as alarming as aluminium and propylene glycol, ingredients that have the potential to cause joint pain, weaken your body’s cell structure, and disrupt the natural rhythm and function of your endocrine system.

CBD is a naturally occurring plant compound. It isn’t brewed up in a lab. It isn’t tested on animals. And it doesn’t harm your body the way that so many cosmetic ingredients can.

Secondly, the practical reason: CBD has shown positive effects on anti-aging and inflammation, not to mention acne.

It’s no secret that people everywhere want to look young and healthy for as long as they can; with CBD delivering promising results in the area, it only makes sense that consumers are flocking to it.

CBD Cosmetics are the Present and the Future

Facial creams. Body creams. Lip balms. Bath bombs. Makeup and makeup remover. Sleep masks.

The list goes on and on.

CBD is a tremendous and revolutionary compound. Its health benefits are extraordinary and extensive—and are multiplying as we learn more—and its extracted form allows it to be incorporated into most any product.

It’s a beautiful combination, one that will surely guarantee that CBD cosmetics are here to stay.

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