Pets and CBD – Everything you need to know before treating your furry friends with Cannabinoid Oils

There’s a good to fair chance that you have now heard about the benefits of using products containing Cannabinoid, or CBD for short. The use of these products to treat many symptoms derived from health issues such as anxiety and arthritis in humans. What most animal-parents might not know is that these products have started to be used to treat similar issues in pets too! The results achieved using these products that have a wide range of benefits, with very few side-effects, have been nothing short of miraculous.

If you are interested in treating your pet with CBD, this article is a guide to how it works and what issues it helps treating.

But first, let’s cover the basics.

What is CBD?

Cannabinoid is a chemical compound derived from hemp. Its uses in the medical field go back centuries, however, the last few years have seen a surge in lab studies on its benefits, with positive results, have seen a huge increase in demand by pet owners to treat their furry friends.

The way that these oils work is, after ingestion, it supplements the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Much like when you take a VItamin tablet. So, here are the following issues that can be treated by giving your pet CBD oils.

  • CBD oils for Chronic Pain & Arthritis
  • CBD oils for Stress & Anxiety
  • CBD Oils for Neurological Issues
  • CBD Oils for Cancer

CBD Oils for Chronic Pain & Arthritis in Pets

The most notable use of CBD oils for pets is for pain management. We all hate seeing our pets in pain. This pain can be due to many reasons such as old age and complications that go with it or postoperative recovery,  CBD blocks the pain receptors in the brain and helps to decrease inflammation. This means that it is very beneficial when treating symptoms resulting from arthritis, with the added benefit of helping with the recovery of bones and bone density and help your pet to get up and moving once again!

CBD oils for Stress & Anxiety

Another well-known use for CBD oils in humans is to treat issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. Animals may also suffer from these conditions, commonly if their environment or routine is changed, separation from their owners and even trauma. The compound works on the fear receptors in the animal’s brain effectively blocking out certain fears, reducing the anxiety or stress level and leaving your furry friend in a much calmer state.

CBD Oils for Neurological Issues

CBD oils also help treat the symptoms of Neurological issues such as epilepsy and parkinsons. These conditions occur when the brain begins misfiring strong electrical signals to the body, often causing involuntary movements such as shakes or even seizures. Unfortunately there is no cure to these conditions and traditional medicines act to increase the gap between episodes. CBD oils have been proven to ease the intensity of the episodes and in some cases, have eradicated them altogether over time.

CBD oils for Cancer in Animals

Unfortunately, our beloved pets can develop severe illnesses, such as cancer. Although CBD oils cannot cure your pet, it can help ease their symptoms. Often, animals would tend to suffer from a loss of appetite when they are unwell. This is detrimental to their already failing health as your pet will not be getting the nutrients that they require.  CBD oils help to kick start the metabolism and boost their appetite. They also have a beneficial effect on the immune system, helping your pet before they suffer any illnesses, helping to prevent spreading the illness should your pet already have one and increase their overall quality of life!

For whatever reason you wound up on this article, the common factor between us all is that we love our furry friends and consider them family and here we can see the many benefits that CBD offers for our pets.

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